All of our buildings are built to meet and surpass code requirements. Not all buildings require permits (see our blog for more information about the buildings that fit these criteria) and nearly all of SQFT Studios projects are permitted living space. ADUs, Guest Suites, Home Offices, Garage Remodels, and Homes all require permitting and are governed by the municipality in which they are built. The City of Portland Bureau of Development Services has some of the most stringent requirements for building in the country and we are experts and adept at submitting for, shepherding, and acquiring building permits for many types of projects.

Permitting for Home Studios, Offices, and Guest Suites, all require permits as they are considered “habitable” spaces where people will use and occupy the spaces for long periods, including sleeping. As members of the Field Issuance Remodeling (FIR) Program, we are able to access and use this rapid permitting system to get your project permitted and built as fast as possible. Often these permits can be acquired in 1 day.

ADUs and New Homes require permit review which takes a minimum of 3 months. Both are governed by the New Single Family Residence program and are considered new dwellings with all of the safety measures included. This process is complex and nuanced and SQFT Studios are experts at this process.

If you have any questions about your project and it’s permitting requirements please fill out a contact form today!