What We Build

  • An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a secondary dwelling on a property that already has a house. An ADU is ideal for generating income through long- or short-term rental, living small, multi-generational living, and aging in place. They have everything your house has: a full kitchen & bath, laundry, heating & cooling, living space, and a sleeping area. Each of our ADUs is Earth Advantage Certified: Platinum.
  • SQFT Studios designs and builds custom homes in Portland. As a licensed architecture firm we are qualified to design and build your dream house right here in The Rose City.
  • Many of our potential clients call us about converting their garage into an awesome new guest house, works space, apartment, or ADU, and this makes sense! Garages are becoming less essential in our daily lives, and with the aging housing stock, garages are often not updated for modern living, are in need of deferred maintenance, and sometimes dangerous or falling down. Aside from being inefficient storage (speaking from personal experience here), they take up a lot of yard space that could be paying you dividends as useful space. The only problem is; it isn’t as easy as it seems.
  • A Guest Suite from SQFT Studios is a prefabricated modular detached accessory structure with a bedroom and bathroom, designed for short-term rental or visitors. Guest Suites are naturally flexible and can be used for multiple purposes such as home office, breakout space, quarantine quarters, or expansion space. A guest suite is limited to one sink and cannot have a stove, range, or hood.
  • Our home studios are designed and built to add space to your existing property. These detached accessory structures typically contain 1 or 2 rooms and can be configured to serve multiple purposes. The future is up to you with a home studio. If you need extra workspace now but would love to generate rental income in the future; a Home Studio from SQFT Studios might just be right for you.


New To ADUs?

Download our ADU Quickstart Guide and learn about the features and benefits and ADU can provide to your existing property.

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