SQFT Studios is proud to share this delightful custom ADU, completed in November of 2017.

This ADU Home Studio is in a beautiful setting in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland Oregon. Designed to reflect the Portland Craftsman nature of the home and neighborhood and to bring in elements of a traditional Teahouse, this Home Studio is full of beautiful details, open views, and efficient spaces. The owners will primarily be using the space as an Airbnb, and when not booked it will serve as an escape, a dance studio, and a wonderful place to enjoy a peaceful cup of tea.

From the exterior, the Home Studio sits lightly on the yard, floating on top of a herringbone deck under the cover of the generous eaves. The graceful craftsmanship of the rafter tails and eave detail make the roof feel just right for the size and space of the site. The traditional half-round gutter and lotus leaf rain drain provide the finishing touches, draining into a pottery vessel. For guests approaching the building from the driveway, the view of this detail is framed and the stucco-like rain screen walls offer a light, neutral backdrop. Turning the corner, the sliding glass doors glow with inner light reminiscent of a paper lantern.

Inside, the bamboo floor, fir trim and cabinetry, and earth tones create a calm, warm environment. Light flows through the two opposing porthole windows and the dormer in the vaulted ceiling, lifting the senses and creating an openness unusual in such a small space. The compact kitchen is extremely efficient and practical for the use it provides. The lines of the open shelving continue around the room and cabinetry unifying the space. Flanking the wall bed, a small desk surface balances the kitchen space with Soba countertops providing a contrast to the bright honey tones of the wood. Sliding fir doors hide a laundry and utility closet and the brightly lit and airy bathroom. Small details pop in these clean spaces, like the turquoise fan tile niche in the shower.

This ADU represents SQFT Studios custom work and the fine craftsmanship of our team of carpenters – Jordan Dobson and Michael Cascadden. All photos credit to Peter Chee Photography