288 sqft

For Portland Homeowners who are seeking to maximize rental potential without sacrificing build quality. Our Small ADU is a great structure with a minimal footprint that fits most Portland properties. Starting at just $95,000. The Small is packed with amenities and built for efficiency.

  • Bedroom (Sleeps 2)

  • Full Bathroom

  • Full Kitchen

  • Washer & Dryer

  • 12′ x 24″ (288 sqft)
  • Multi-Use Design
  • Generate Rental Income
  • Fixed Price

288 sqft ADU - Fixed Price and Rental Ready

Benefits of selecting a pre-designed ADU for your Backyard

Fixed Project Cost

  • Our turn-key solution includes architectural design, permits, construction, appliances, and a project manager

Fast and Efficient

  • Removing the custom design period speeds up the permit process to gets you cash flow positive in the shortest amount of time.

Customizable Finishes

  • Get the look you want with finishing options for siding, exterior color, flooring, cabinetry, countertops, lighting, and more!

Designed for Maximum Flexibility

transparent cutaway with bed upBed Down
  • With a built-in Murphy bed, the space can adapt to your immediate needs and evolve over time. Build Smart!

The proven design utilizes a small footprint with comfortable interior amenities

Build Smart Right From The Start

Standard Features

Our experience designing and building ADUs brings us to our pre-designed model with design elements and amenities you would expect from a custom build.

2″x6″ Advanced Framing with Mineral Wool Insulation

Hardy Plank Siding with 6″ Reveal

5/4″ Cedar Exterior Trim

Exposed Rafter Tails

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Solid Wood Interior Trim

Engineered Finish Floor

Stacked Laundry Washer & Dryer

Full Bathroom

Full Kitchen

Minisplit heating and cooling energy star high performance

ERV – Energy Recovery Ventilator

Milgard Windows

Earth Advantage Certified

FSC and Locally Sourced Lumber

All LED Lighting

Connection to existing home utilities

Fotile in-counter dishwasher

Process & Timeline

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Take the first step and see if your property qualifies for The 288 sqft ADU. We’ll review the information and set up a meeting to discuss the project.