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Detached Studio ADU – Universal Access


Our clients approached us to build an ADU with space to work from home (long before it was cool!), a place for long-stay visitors, and as a future home for aging family members they wanted to keep close. The owners are also avid gardeners This is the type of work we love and thrive one – a complex challenge for our modern world to keep family close.


The building is located in the side setback, on the eastern property boundary. This preserved as much yard and garden space as possible while fulfilling the project requirements for size and space. We incorporated covered & bike storage on the driveway side with an extended roof and a custom fence with lockable sliding doors. The building is 12′ wide and has a wonderful open feel with high windows on the garden side and an open floor plan. A horizontal murphy bed is hidden behind a whiteboard that completes the workspace. For the future use as a home for aging in place this entire building is Universal Access (accessible by anyone regardless of mobility needs). The slab-on-grade construction means there are no barriers to enter or exit the building. Inside, the doors and spaces are wide open, and the shower is roll in with built in grab bars.


A simple and beautiful building that serves many purposes, from the immediate needs as a home office and guest space for visitors, to a future home for aging in place. Hookups for in house washer/dryer were provided with space for a stacked unit as well as a place for a future range. High windows on the West let in late sun and bathe the building in warmth. Controlled views to the shared garden give privacy for the primary and the accessory homes.