Privacy and Connection

Home Office for Client Visits


This client wanted to create a safe and separate work space at home to host clients and be able to focus without distraction from the many needs and kids that can constantly pull us out of the zone. This site was particularly challenging as there is significant elevation change from the front of the property to the back and there was beautiful mature landscaping as well as the typical site constraints of play areas, open landscaping area, outdoor recreation, and access.


The design process resulted in a detached office (also called a Home Studio, or more technically by the city a Detached Bedroom) located in the back corner, set into both the side and rear setbacks with access along one side of the property via a long path and staircase. Clients are able to enter the path at the sidewalk and approach the building. The entrance door to the office is just visible from the street and a fence from the back corner of the house to the new building creates separation but not a sense of being closed in. South facing windows and a patio door let in light and air, but clever orientation maintains privacy between the studio and the house. A small shower and toilet room provide comfort and convenience with a bar sink and kitchenette between the entrance and bathroom doors.


A fantastic space for work and client meetings that is filled with light, fresh air, and has a clean modern appeal. This 12’x20′ building packs so much into a small footprint. A versatile and useful space perfect for it’s intended purpose and adaptable for future needs like guest space or short term rental income. The building connects to the landscape and opens to a gravel side patio that takes advantage of the existing retaining wall with a new concrete bench. Creating a sense of openness and privacy is a challenge and the end result speaks for itself.