Rental Income

Quality shines throughout this spacious, yet cozy, long-term rental solution

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) offer an excellent opportunity to enhance your property’s value while delivering affordable, long-term rental housing solutions. Our meticulously designed 1-bedroom unit, tailored for extended rental periods, encapsulates all the essential features within its modest 500 sq ft, ensuring it encompasses everything you desire in a home.


In response to our clients’ objective of generating income through long-term rentals, we were tasked with the challenge of constructing an ADU. Choosing a 1-bedroom ADU over a studio was a practical decision, as it projected an extra $200/month in rental value. Additionally, a key directive was to maintain cost-effectiveness throughout the build process. SQFT Studios, with its focus on efficient building techniques, emerged as the logical choice. Our commitment to saving costs without compromising quality aligns seamlessly with the project’s financial considerations.


Situated on a generously-sized property boasting a 220′ deep lot, the ADU benefits from ample space and flexibility. Extending the building to 34′ in length allowed us to orient it lengthwise on the lot, a departure from the conventional transverse arrangement in a standard 50’x100′ lot. This layout also facilitated the creation of individual yards for both the ADU and the main house, each securely separated by fences—a necessity due to the presence of dogs in both households. For the convenience of our furry friends, gates between the yards provide easy access for playtime.

Inside the 1-bedroom ADU, every detail reflects the comforts of a larger, modern home. The well-designed space encompasses a bedroom complete with a closet, a full bathtub/shower unit, and the added convenience of a washer/dryer. The fully equipped kitchen boasts modern amenities, including a dishwasher, microwave/hood, and even a garbage disposal. As expected, the ADU incorporates all the standard features synonymous with SQFT Studios’ commitment to excellence.


In no time following the completion of the project, our clients achieved a resounding success as they swiftly secured long-term tenants. Welcoming a vibrant young couple, it marked the beginning of their journey in their first shared residence. With a furry companion in tow, the allure of hardwood floors and a private, fenced yard proved to be invaluable assets. What truly set this venture apart was the exceptional affordability. Surpassing expectations, the dedicated ADU offered a more budget-friendly option compared to apartments lacking a yard. Notably, the rental income effortlessly covers the entire construction cost, emphasizing the financial prudence and success of this well-executed project.