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Rental Income

Working from Home Just got a whole lot better!



Our clients approached us to build an ADU in order to generate income with a long-term rental. A 1-bedroom ADU was selected in lieu of a studio as it could garner about $200/month more on the market. The other mandate was to keep build costs down. This make SQFT Studios the perfect fit as we employ our efficient building techniques in order to save money without sacrificing quality.


The property where the ADU sits has ample space with a 220′ deep lot. This allowed us room to stretch. The building is 34′ long and we were able to orient it lengthwise in the lot rather than transverse in a standard 50’x100′ lot. It also allowed both the ADU and the main house to have individual yards separated by fences. Each party has dogs, so the fencing was required. And when the dogs want to play, there are gates between the yards. Inside, our 1-bedroom ADU has everything you’d find in a larger, modern home: a bedroom with closet, full bathtub/shower unit, a washer/dryer, a full kitchen with dishwasher, microwave/hood, and even a garbage disposal. It of course features all of the SQFT Studios standard features as well.


Shortly after completion, our clients were able to find long-term renters to move in. They are a young couple and this is their first place together. They have a dog, so a place with hardwood floors and a private, fenced yard is a huge asset. Most importantly, price point for them was also amazing as this dedicated ADU costs less than an apartment in a building with no yard at all, yet the rental income for our clients easily covers the cost of construction.