Connection to outdoors

NE Portland Kitchen Remodel with Addition is a Major Upgrade


To reimagine the back of the home and how it connects to the yard, rear entrance, and the rest of the house – while making a fantastic new kitchen that will endure for decades with great style, form, and function.


We added about 200 SQFT of interior space and nearly that much in deck that pushed the kitchen deeper into the back yard, opened up the side to create easy access from the driveway, create a physical connection to the outdoor spaces, and connected to the rest of the house in a more open and much more light filled way. The existing kitchen was cramped, dark, and dated. We match the existing dormer roof line but extended it with a vaulted ceiling towards the giant spruce that sits in line with the french doors and creates a natural glow in this space year round. We sourced cabinets from a local manufacturer in a modern understated style, added pops of color in the backsplash and with the natural wood elements matching the oak floors in the main house, but tying to the deck and structural elements above. Little details make a big difference here like the built in Tanoak bench and butcher-block island, the stained ceiling ties, and the floating shelves (with integrated lights).


This kitchen stuns everyone who enters, regardless of how you get there. Coming in the front door from the street this kitchen sneaks up on you and drops jaws as you enter from the more traditional living and dining rooms. Coming in from the side door the kitchen welcomes you from the yard while seamlessly connecting to the existing house. Great care was made to ensure it looked like it was original. The attention to detail is what makes this kitchen feel like a work of art and ensure that it will endure for decades. The green tile backsplash adds color and pulls the evergreen foliage outside into the space, and the natural wood windows, doors, lumber, island, bench, and floating shelves add warmth and comfort to a modern and cozy space.