When you already have an ADU, build a Guest Suite!

In Milwaukie, OR and the Portland metro area, it is only possible to have one Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). Since our Guest Suites are not ADUs, you can add a Guest Suite even if you have an ADU! You can even add multiple Guest Suites to your property, creating a little community of buildings. That is exactly what we did with our 1-Bedroom Guest Suite.


Our client bought their house in order to make the entire property an income generation machine. Upon purchase, an attached ADU was built out in the basement. The upstairs was reserved for the owner. When speaking with the city of Milwaukie (where this is located), a detached ADU would not be allowed, but other types of accessory structures would be.


The Guest Suite turned out to be the perfect solution for them. With one minor change, we were able to take our 1-Bedroom ADU design and turn it into a Guest Suite. This way, we could build this unit even though they had an ADU, they could rent this using short-term rental services such as Airbnb, and they were not subject to any System Development Charges (SDCs), saving them $10,000+! Additional savings were captured by using one of our stock plans.


This property now has 3 separate living areas: the main house, the basement ADU, and now this large 1-Bedroom Guest Suite. With the inclusion of a convertible couch, this unit can sleep 4 people. With tons of closet space, a large kitchen, and even wifi, this is a perfect extended stay (30+ days) option for those in town for school, conferences, or temporary work situations.