Connection to Outdoors

Spacious 1 Bedroom ADU with Loft in South Tabor


This client grew up in the primary house on the lot but had outgrown the classic Portland bungalow. With ample room in the backyard this property was a perfect fit for a spacious ADU, but like all projects, budget & timeline were major factors. Since the owner is a professional photographer getting the light, design, and workspace needed were critical success factors.The owner also has a beloved cat and creating access for this kitty to the entire structure was necessary.


A 20’x25′-4″ 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, ADU with a loft and an open kitchen and living area created the room and environment needed for this project. Built in eating at the kitchen peninsula provides for separation and prep space while doubling as dining space. These types of overlapping uses create exceptional efficiency in the building. An awning protects the entry which opens onto the common spaces, and the private sleeping and bathing facilities are separated behind the loft wall. A custom ladder and railing make the loft accessible and safe for non-sleeping uses.


Bright, open, airy, and comfortable all at once. When you first walk into this ADU it seems bigger inside than out. The main living dining & kitchen space welcome you with a highly efficient and practical layout. The loft and ladder add warmth with natural wood and connects to the bamboo floors and butcherblock counters. The bedroom and ensuite bathroom feel cozy andcomfortable, and so practical. The loft space soars with open views and ample space. A large gable dormer gives added room and headspace while adding complexity and some mystery to the interior space.

The exterior of the building matches the existing house in style and form and adds balance and beauty to the site. The stained wood highlights and framing pull the warmth from the Northwest environment into the building and anchor this gorgeous and spacious ADU in it’s forever home.

Thank you to our amazing clients who made this possible! We love working with you.

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Photos by: Peter Chee