Connection to outdoors

Accessory Building -> Amazing Preschool


This amazing client already owned a home on an amazing lot in South East Portland and needed to expand their home Pre-School business. They approached us with a limited budget and a ton of imagination. The goal was to create a building that could be flexible, adaptable, and safe to use a home pre-school space with an intensive connection to the outdoors. Safety is always a top priority wherever children are cared for and this building needed to provide a safe, comfortable, and fun space for kids – during a pandemic.


Using our proprietary system we were able to design a building shell that could accomplish all of the needs for the school – and be adaptable for future use as an ADU. A simple form that is as cost efficient as possible while still adding beauty and practical elements to the site was defined with a large covered patio connected to the front. Doors and windows open into the classroom space with an additional exterior door to the bathroom to allow for kids to play outdoors and use the facilities directly.


The building is a simple, elegant, and light structure with warm open interior space, a simple and useful kitchen, a large open bathroom with functional cleanup spaces. The outside spills into the interior through large openings and windows, and the covered porch provides for a dry and clean transition space. The owner worked with a lazure painting specialist to create the watercolor tones on the walls, and then took the space and made it amazing with natural, personal touches that truly bring this accessory structure to life as The Juniper Berry Playgarden!