Virtual Tour

Guest Suite

Just the other day, we did a blog post about a Virtual Tour of our 1-Bedroom ADU. Well, due to popular demand, we’ve now had our Airbnb-famous Guest Suite scanned with the Matterport scanner!

These Matterport scans provide us a communication tool to convey our work to those not able to step real feet into our spaces. Pictures do tell a story, but in these small spaces (which we specialize in), a fish-eye lens has to be used. This can distort the image in order to give as much information as possible, but sacrifices size and scale. This has been the challenge of real estate photographers for decades.

With the Matterport, one can look 360-degrees around a space, at head height, and get a much better sense of size and scale. It also provides nearly endless angles. Previously, we would show about 5 pictures per job. If you wondered what was in the closet that was not pictured, you would never have the opportunity to see inside. Now, if you want to peak in the closet, you can do that, and even look up at the ceiling at what type of lighting fixture was used.

We’re very excited about this new tool. We would love to hear your feedback. If you like what we’re doing, let us know!

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