Home Photography Studio and Garden Shed

The SQFT Studios Prototype

SQFT Studios started as an idea and became a business when founded in 2015. But it didn’t become a reality until photographer Jason Quigley entered the scene. 

Jason had been working out of his small in-home office, and as his family and career grew, space became less and less available. Buying a bigger house is rarely easy or affordable and adding onto their classic Portland farmhouse would have been too expensive and extremely time consuming.

SQFT Studios was born for this type of challenge, and the timing was just right for both parties. Jason was able to move into his Home Studio and SQFT Studios was launched with the completion of this prototype and a sweet launch party on September 26 2015.

This editing studio features two rooms, a beautiful office space and a garden shed. The structure fits seamlessly into the yard, having replaced a shed left over from the previous owners. It’s charming exterior was designed to match the existing Portland Farmhouse style and color, and provides access and safe storage to both spaces. As a photographer Jason needed to be able to blackout the space for color correction and accurate representation so windows and the dual glass french doors share a wall and a single curtain swing. Access to fresh air and natural light were also essential for  a comfortable work space where he can welcome clients as well as focus during long editing sessions.

SQFT Studios and Jason Quigley Photography are both extremely proud of this prototype, and I hope we can help you with your Home Studio needs, and that Jason is your first consideration for any photography needs in the region.

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