Everyone loves them, the city just got a little friendlier to them, and we can’t resist.

We all love lofts, it’s universal. They create open areas with high ceilings, dramatic lighting, and ideas of treehouses and posh urban living. There’s just something fun about climbing up a ladder to an area all your own.

Well, good news! Lofts which had previously been restricted by Portland building code are back! Per Oregon House Bill 2737 (HB2737) for dwellings, not more than 600 sqft in size sleeping lofts will be allowed and can be accessed by ladders or space saver stairs (alternating treads). Previously a loft had to be just like a second story and required the full size and scope of floor and head heights as well as the stairs.

In a small home, stairs can be a killer. They take up tons of floor space, they require very specific head heights, widths, and clearances. It was this requirement that made designing and building the lofts so many of our customers ask for nearly impossible. By being able to access lofts via ladders the cozy confines of a sleeping loft are a reality once again.

If you want your own fabulous loft living drop us a line or fill out our web form and we’ll call you. Now you can sleep in your loft and eat in it too.