Get Short Term Rental Income from a Guest Suite

Join the Backyard Rental Revolution! Instead of working for your backyard, make your backyard work for you. Nearly every single lot in Portland can accommodate a Guest Suite unit that is perfect for listing on Short Term Rental (STR) sites like Airbnb. We have built several units that are already in operation and they are all consistently: rented, get rave reviews, and generate positive cash flow.

Not only can you make money from the space in your backyard that is costing you money, but you can automate that process and let the systems work for you. Once you have a listing up on your favorite site you can hire professionals to come clean, stock, and supply your unit. We offer automatic and password based locks so that each customer gets a unique passcode you set from your phone. We also offer automated and remote control options for lighting, thermostats, and outlet control (for turning on or off other accessories like TVs, Stereos, even Refrigerators).

Once your process is up and running, put your feet up and bask in the knowledge that you have joined The Backyard Rental Revolution and your backyard is now working for you.