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Host The Holidays – In a Guest Suite!

The Holidays are a wonderful time to be together with family, friends, and loved ones. Sometimes there isn't enough room to house everyone at home. Instead of fighting traffic, risking icy roads, or drinking that egg nog straight, consider adding more space to your place. A Guest Suite or ADU

Automate your Cash Flow

Get Short Term Rental Income from a Guest Suite Join the Backyard Rental Revolution! Instead of working for your backyard, make your backyard work for you. Nearly every single lot in Portland can accommodate a Guest Suite unit that is perfect for listing on Short Term Rental


The 5 step process to Create your own Home Studio Step 1: Consultation The first step to owning your own Home Studio starts by contacting us. We come to your property, evaluate the site, and discuss your future Home Studio in regards to your needs.

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Electrical: What you need to know when it comes to ADUs and Home Studios

Here at SQFT Studios, we deal with a lot of electrical questions. When building an accessory structure, whether a Home Studio or ADU, the new accessory structure needs to have power. This can happen a couple of ways. Below we'll map out a few options with some considerations to

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New To ADUs?

Download our ADU Quickstart Guide and learn about the features and benefits and ADU can provide to your existing property.

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