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Host The Holidays – In a Guest Suite!

The Holidays are a wonderful time to be together with family, friends, and loved ones. Sometimes there isn't enough room to house everyone at home. Instead of fighting traffic, risking icy roads, or drinking that egg nog straight, consider adding more space to your place. A Guest Suite or ADU

Lofts – yet another code update! Phew

Lofts - the ever changing code Everyone wants a loft, here's how to get one Codes come, codes go... and in the case of lofts, they seem to come and go so quickly! The primary force for rapid code development is the

Join the Backyard Rental Revolution

Join the Backyard Rental Revolution: Generate income, increase your wealth, and be a part of the housing crisis solution...when you build a Home Studio in your backyard. Win, Win, Win! A house is a fantastic asset that can increase your wealth in many ways, but the most overlooked

Building in your backyard | Two Types of Accessory Structures

Building in your backyard: Two Types of Accessory Structures ADUs and Home Studios At SQFT Studios, we are often asked about Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Our clients have heard about them in the media, from their neighbors, and even from our city government.

Portland Housing Crisis: Accessory Structures are Part of the Solution

Portland, Oregon is in the middle of a housing crisis. Mayor Charlie Hales has declared a State of Emergency due the extremely high number of homeless people within our city. This is partially attributed to the high cost of rent and low availability. The city has been pushing for additional

Build Small Live Large Summit 2015

The Future is Small (but in a big way) On November 6, 2015 I attended the Build Small Live Large Summit 2015 where SQFT Studios was an exhibitor. I had the pleasure of hearing many great talks, including the Keynote by Dee Williams of PAD and


New To ADUs?

Download our ADU Quickstart Guide and learn about the features and benefits and ADU can provide to your existing property.

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