Portland, Oregon is in the middle of a housing crisis. Mayor Charlie Hales has declared a State of Emergency due the extremely high number of homeless people within our city. This is partially attributed to the high cost of rent and low availability. The city has been pushing for additional housing through increased density by way of “skinny” houses, apartment complexes, and Accessory Structures. This is due to our Urban Growth Boundary which prevents the city from expanding outward. Even with the push to create additional housing, the demand continues to outweigh the supply.

“How can I help to be part of the solution?”

If you are a homeowner, one way to be part of the solution is to build an Accessory Structure, which is a separate building on your property that can house additional people and/or families. These Accessory Structures come in various shapes and sizes, but we have highlighted two types in a recent blog post; Building in your backyard: Two Types of Accessory Structures.

Not only is it being a proactive part of the solution in providing much needed rental space within the City of Portland, but it adds value to your property. Additionally, an Accessory Structure can pay for itself and add valuable revenue for your family.

SQFT Studios specializes in Accessory Structures. We are passionate about utilizing space efficiently, and providing housing to those who need it most. We are an active part of the solution to the housing crisis and want to help others do the same.

If you’d like to be part of the solution, we have plans and templates to build your custom Home Studio ready to go. Contact us anytime for a free consultation.

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