SQFT Studios started working with Earth Advantage within the last year. We share a similar ethos with Earth Advantage: buildings should be built responsibly, lived in responsibly, and deconstructed responsibility. So it was a no-brainer that we should team up and make all of our ADUs Earth Advantage Certified.

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Earth Advantage certifies buildings based on 5 criteria: Energy, Health, Land, Materials, and Water. Within each category, they give points based on a multitude of factors. Once all the points are tallied up, you can earn Silver, Gold, or Platinum Certification.

When we first teamed up with Earth Advantage to go over their point system, we learned that with one of our standard ADUs, we could earn Platinum Certification! This goes to show that we were of the same mind even though we had never crossed referenced each other’s systems. This is due to all of the Standard Features we offer in all of our buildings and how they are based on healthy living, reduced energy consumption, sustainable materials, among many other factors.

Earth Advantage has kindly recognized our efforts by making us the Earth Advantage Builder of the Month for September.