KOIN 6 Reports on ‘A Place For You’

We've recently completed building 2 ADUs for Multnomah County's A Place For You program. This program has now put 4 families in ADUs around Portland. Their lives have changed for the better almost immediately. KOIN 6 did a deep dive into the program to discuss everything from the lives changed

Earth Advantage Builder of the Month

SQFT Studios started working with Earth Advantage within the last year. We share a similar ethos with Earth Advantage: buildings should be built responsibly, lived in responsibly, and deconstructed responsibility. So it was a no-brainer that we should team up and make all of our ADUs Earth Advantage

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Sustainability at SQFT Studios: Indoor Environmental Quality

Sustainability at SQFT Studios Healthy Indoor Environments - for a Healthy Life   As Americans, we spend the vast majority of our lives inside buildings - about 92% of our time. 6% of our lives are spent in-transit and only 2% of our

Sustainability at SQFT Studios: Materials

Sustainability at SQFT Studios Choosing Building Materials Every building, and every building material has an impact on the Earth. Deciding to build means coming to terms with this fact and building sustainably means working within this context to minimize the impact each project has on

Sustainability at SQFT Studios: Introduction

Sustainability at SQFT Studios What Building Green Means to Us SQFT Studios is committed to Sustainability in every part of our business; from the products we use to the fabrication methods implemented in building our Home Studios to our operations in the field


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