SQFT Studios ADUs now Earth Advantage Certified

At SQFT Studios, we’ve been building our buildings to a high standard from the beginning. We employ many building techniques and products that are sustainable, provide a clean and healthy living environment, and achieve high levels of energy efficiency. It only makes sense, then, to work with Earth Advantage to certify our ADUs.

Earth Advantage is a building certification company founded here in Portland, Oregon. There are many different building certifications, but the most prestigious by far is Earth Advantage. They look at many aspects of a building such as Energy, Health, Land, Materials, and Water. They look at hundreds of different factors of a building in order to give it a score. This score results in a Silver, Gold, and Platinum certification level.

SQFT Studios is currently underway on our first Earth Advantage Certified ADU. With a matter of two small changes to our building techniques, we are shooting for an Earth Advantage Certified Platinum ADU. The number of points required for the Platinum level is 100. Our ADU is currently at 142 points!

From now on, SQFT Studios will be certifying every ADU we build with Earth Advantage! In fact, all of our buildings will be built to the same standard, but only new homes and ADUs are eligible for certification (Guest Suites and Home Studios are not stand-alone residences, therefore do not qualify for certification). We’re proud to be recognized for our efforts to make our buildings sustainable, healthy, and energy efficient.

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