Energy Performance Score

SQFT Studios ADUs are scored and the results are phenomenal!

As of 2018, SQFT Studios has partnered with Earth Advantage to certify our ADUs. This process takes into account hundreds of factors in both the design and build of our ADUs to evaluate the sustainability and efficiency of our buildings. You can read more about their certification process here.

We now have two ADUs that are Earth Advantage Certified Platinum!

With each certified building, we get a certificate as well as an Energy Performance Score (EPS) from Energy Trust of Oregon. In order to determine this score, they take the energy model of our building, along with the hundreds of factors Earth Advantage looks at, and can forecast how much the energy bills will be. This is very similar to appliances that have the energy sticker on them. It’s a guide as to how much energy it will take to run them. Note: this is about energy, not utility bills in general. Water consumption is not factored into this score.

Below are the two EPS Reports we’ve received on our ADUs. All the scores on this sheet are like golf; the lower the better. They are very similar at $35 and $36 a month to operate. The energy scores are identical at 21. The reports go on to talk about carbon footprint, compares this building to an identical building built to code standard (we typically build well above code standard), and finally goes on to explain all the technical jargon.

Are you interested in an ADU that has a low carbon footprint?

ADU #1 EPS Score

ADU #2 EPS Score