Sustainability at SQFT Studios

What Building Green Means to Us

SQFT Studios is committed to Sustainability in every part of our business; from the products we use to the fabrication methods implemented in building our Home Studios to our operations in the field and at large. This post is the first in a series about sustainability. Future posts will go into detail on topics like; materials and sourcing, energy efficiency, water use and stormwater, and indoor environmental quality.

Eli has extensive experience in the green building field and have been working in this niche of the industry for his entire professional careers. We are dedicated to building more with less, delivering high performance and healthy spaces for our clients, and to preserving the beauty of the planet. It’s as much a part of our business as we are.

There are many facets to sustainability. We’ve taken our Core Value of Responsibility: Leave this world cleaner and better than you found it, and broke it down in our 5 Goals of Sustainability.

Don’t deplete the Earth’s resources – use only renewable and recycled/recyclable resources

Create healthy places for people – no toxic materials and plenty of fresh air

Consume as little energy as possible – design efficient and smart systems and assemblies

Don’t pollute up or down stream – design for the past, present, and future of a place

Build to last, or don’t build at all, and do it all as affordably as possible.

This leads to our clients having happy and healthy Home Studios that will perform and endure for generations to come.

Look out for our next issue on the materials we build with – and why FSC Certified materials are the best choice of construction materials.

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