Introducing: The Maker Space

160 sqft of Raw, Configurable, Upgradable, Creative Space.

This 160 sqft Home Studio is the genesis of our Home Studio idea. Designed for creators, makers, tinkerers, hobbyists, builders, dreamers, scrap-bookers, writers, painters, home office workers, and more. This space is flexible, adaptable, bright, comfortable, and an open canvas for your creative endeavors.

Finishes are set as a baseline for durability, simplicity, and easy maintenance, and are customizable for your use. Pegboard for woodworking tools, plywood for easy mounting of hardware, drywall for clean and simple backdrop to let you focus. The floor comes as sealed concrete, or upgrade to a finish floating floor of hardwood, bamboo, cork, or rubber depending on your use. Penalized solutions for easy rearranging or zoning are also an option.

Adding a water cooler, integrated electronics (audio and video), or a full bathroom to suit are straightforward upgrades.

This design represents our most cost effective solution and can be designed to fit your budget. As a fully permitted, habitable space, this Home Studio adds significant value and flexibility to your property and can set your home apart from the rest with a bright, quality, fun space right in your backyard.

You can view the Maker Space as well as other examples on our homepage here.

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