Guest Suites by SQFT Studios

The Low-cost, SDC Free, Short-Term Rental Option

Since 2010, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) have had the privilege of System Development Charges (SDCs) being waived without conditions. The waiver has saved homeowners $12,000-$19,000 when building an ADU on their property. This has led to the birth and growth of the ADU industry*. Well all good things must come to an end.

Starting August 1st, 2018, ADUs will NO LONGER be eligible for the SDC waiver if, at any point in the next 10 years, owners use them for Short-Term Rentals (STRs) through websites such as Airbnb and VRBO.

Moving forward, homeowners who want to generate significant amounts of income through STR services have two options:

Pay the $12,000-$19,000 SDCs when building an ADU


Build a Guest Suite which has never and will never be subject to the SDCs!

SQFT Studios has developed an Accessory Structure perfectly suited for Short-Term Rental and is not subject to System Development Charges. We call it the Guest Suite.

Our Guest Suites feature everything you would find in a high-end hotel room: a full bedroom, full bathroom, and a closet. Options include a wet bar, coffee service, a refrigerator and microwave for leftovers, integrated audio/video systems, and more. Of course each of our Guest Suites pack in all of the SQFT Studios Standard Features that are found on all of our buildings including high-end heating and cooling, healthy interior environments, and phenomenal energy performance.

Whether you have family coming into town, old college friends passing through, or hosting guests from the other side of the globe, Guest Suites are the perfect solution. Revenue and reviews can be greatly enhanced with custom interior design, locally sourced art, music, drinks, and other amenities. Show off the best of what you and Portland offer in a beautifully curated, cozy space.

Case Study

Concordia Fir Cabin

The Fir Cabin has been used exclusively on Airbnb for over a year now. With near full-time occupancy, it has hosted elated guests from around the world. It features a private entrance and outdoor seating area, keyless entry system, a wet bar, a record player with bluetooth speakers, as well as a Portland-centric decor. The listing enjoys a solid five-star rating. Here are what some guests have said:

“Possibly the nicest, coolest place we have EVER stayed, this cabin is incredible! … So much character, would go back to Portland just to stay here again :)”

“The fir cabin was an amazing experiences for my first time using Airbnb… Definitely made our trip to Portland memorable by staying at this tiny home.”

“Great airbnb! Overall, a cute space with everything you could need.”

“Cutest place with all the fixings! … Such a great place to stay and will definitely be back!”

Check out the listing here: Concordia Fir Cabin