Lofts – yet another code update! Phew

Lofts - the ever changing code Everyone wants a loft, here's how to get one Codes come, codes go... and in the case of lofts, they seem to come and go so quickly!The primary force for rapid code development is the surge in

Hiring a Contractor – A Short Guide

Hiring a Contractor What to expect, and what to watch out for Full disclosure: SQFT Studios is a residential general contractor. Below are best practices when hiring any contractor, including us! The type of projects we work on are often

Accessory Structures and Design Conformity

Accessory Structures and Design Conformity Rules governing the Design of ADUs in Portland When starting a project building an Accessory Structure (Home Studio, ADU, Home Office, or even a storage shed) it can be both daunting and exciting at the


New To ADUs?

Download our ADU Quickstart Guide and learn about the features and benefits and ADU can provide to your existing property.

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