Plan, Design, Build.

What it means and how it’s different.

Plan, Design, Build

SQFT Studios is a Design Build firm. In the language of the building industry, that means we are a bit different from the standard practice, and working with us is a different experience for a homeowner.

Standard building practices usually involve the Owner or Client (that’s you), the Architect (or Designer), and the Contractor (or Builder). These three parties create a triangle of relationships that results in a project. Contracts outline the responsibilities, liabilities, and roles. Design Build is different because the Contractor and Architect are the same entity and the relationship for the client is a one on one experience, not a triangle.

SQFT Studios was founded to build great things, and we determined that Design Build represented our best option for delivering on this promise. By simplifying the process and removing complexities we can deliver faster, better, and more cost effectively for you than a standard construction practice. One of our core beliefs is that together we can deliver great design for less. When the Designer and Builder are one, conflict and confusion are eliminated.  The process is greatly simplified for the client and it is easier to understand and keep track of the project since we are the only company involved.

The peak of this efficiency is represented by our modular and pre-fabricated panel system design. We have collaborated on and designed this system together as Architect and Builder so that you get the most for your dollar. The highest quality construction and the best performing assembly,  resulting in the least waste and most efficient use of materials.  With our rapid assembly process you get into your finished and fantastic Home Studio sooner.

If have a Plan, or want to discuss your dreams to add value and square footage to your property, or want to learn about what you can do for a future property, we are happy to help. Design Build is a great way to get a Home Studio, a Guest Suite, or an ADU on your property quickly and easily. Contact us anytime for more information or a free consultation.

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