The 5 step process to
Create your own Home Studio

Step 1: Consultation

The first step to owning your own Home Studio starts by contacting us. We come to your property, evaluate the site, and discuss your future Home Studio in regards to your needs. Every Home Studio is designed with the owner and the intended use in mind. We discuss all the options with you as well; such as size, door and window options, and siding, among others.

Step 2: Design/Configure

Once we fully understand your and your needs for a Home Studio, we get right to work designing the perfect space for you. Using the latest in computer aided drafting tools, we generate a full 3D rendering to help communicate the design. During this phase, we work with you and refine our design to ensure the perfect Home Studio for you.

Step 3: Fabrication

Upon final design approval, we move directly into fabrication. Due to our proprietary modular system, a majority of the structure is built in our shop. This helps to ensure high quality and efficiency of materials and labor (which helps to keep costs down). We build our wall panels and roof sections as well as pre-cut and prepare many other components. Once complete, we load everything on a truck and prep it for delivery to the site.

Step 4: Installation

This step is kept to a minimum due to our proprietary modular system. Our installation lasts weeks (rather than months) to reduce the impact on the daily life of the owner. The foundation is set, followed by running electrical to the site. The floor and walls are erected, the roof goes on, windows, doors, siding, electrical. It all goes fairly quickly. It wraps up with painting and installation of fixtures. Finally, we clean up and move out so that you can move in.

Step 5: Move in

Now it’s your turn to build, to make,to host, to craft, to create. This space has been custom created just for you to create greatness.

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