Defining a Genre:
Home Studio

When Eli and I started SQFT Studios, we knew we wanted to build special backyard structures. These structures could be used for all sorts of activities; offices, artist studios, guest rooms, yoga studios, the list goes on and on (and it does on our homepage). The problem is that each one of these buildings is named after the activity that takes place within them, resulting in dozens of names for essentially the same thing. There was no single, clear name for these types of buildings.

Without a single name for these types of structures, it’s very hard to research them. For instance, when it comes to permitting, the Portland Building Development Services call them Accessory Structures, some competitors call them “sheds” (generally non-permitted, non-conforming structures), and we find a lot of consumers mistake them for ADUs. It’s not only difficult for clients researching these structures, but it makes it difficult for us to market ourselves to all these different uses.

In order to solve this problem, one of the first things we did at SQFT Studios was to define a new genre of structure:

Home Studio

A detached accessory structure with 1-2 rooms. A Home Studio can serve myriad purposes for work, play, and/or hospitality. Designed with a specific use in mind, but flexible enough to evolve. Warm, comfortable, beautiful, and efficient.

With the introduction of the new genre Home Studio, it is now our mission to educate people about these options that add value and space to their property, while creating elegant, efficient, and well built spaces.

This is where you come in. Please help us to like, share, tweet, and spread the word about #HomeStudios and with it the endless possibilities to allow people to create greatness.

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