What is the ROI for an ADU in PDX? Part I

If you are considering building an accessory building to rent for short or long-term rental, this post is for you. In Part I (what you are reading now) I'll describe the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) and the conditions I will use to determine the Return on

Surveying: Property Lines and Boundaries

Surveying: Property Lines Why having a Survey is important Every homeowner knows they own a piece of land. Nearly everyone assumes that the boundaries are clear and that their fences, buildings, and other landscape elements denote property lines. It

Accessory Structures and Design Conformity

Accessory Structures and Design Conformity Rules governing the Design of ADUs in Portland When starting a project building an Accessory Structure (Home Studio, ADU, Home Office, or even a storage shed) it can be both daunting and exciting at the

Portland Residential Infill Project

Portland's Residential Infill Project An Update to Portland's Single-Dwelling Zoning Rules Portland has long been at the forefront of urban design and city planning. With the massive influx of new residents expected over the next 20 years (about 120,000 new households),

Join the Backyard Rental Revolution

Join the Backyard Rental Revolution: Generate income, increase your wealth, and be a part of the housing crisis solution...when you build a Home Studio in your backyard. Win, Win, Win! A house is a fantastic asset that can increase your wealth in many ways, but the most overlooked

Building in your backyard | Two Types of Accessory Structures

Building in your backyard: Two Types of Accessory Structures ADUs and Home Studios At SQFT Studios, we are often asked about Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Our clients have heard about them in the media, from their neighbors, and even from our city government.

Portland Housing Crisis: Accessory Structures are Part of the Solution

Portland, Oregon is in the middle of a housing crisis. Mayor Charlie Hales has declared a State of Emergency due the extremely high number of homeless people within our city. This is partially attributed to the high cost of rent and low availability. The city has been pushing for additional

SQFT Studios in Portland Monthly Magazine!

SQFT Studios in Portland Monthly Magazine! Last December, PDXMonthly.com featured a great article about SQFT Studios and our vision for the Home Studios we build in Portland and the surrounding areas. Seeing SQFT Studios on the front page of this great magazine was one


New To ADUs?

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