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Working from home in a Home Studio

Separating work from home without ever leaving home


What is it like to work from a Home Studio?

Working from home is nothing new, and it has become more of the norm than ever before. Telecommuting, or operating a one or two person business out of your home is a wonderful option and it has nuance. Often the idea of working from home neglects the realities and complexities that surface once the novelty has worn off. There are countless articles available which outline these challenges and advantages, however there are very few which address this issue of working from a Home Studio, mostly because this opportunity has not existed in maturity until now.

These articles from Forbes and outline the pros and cons of working from home, summarized below. I also interviewed Adam Friedman of who has been running his design agency from home for over a decade.

Below is a list of the pros and cons summarized from the articles and my interview with the owner of

  • Short commute
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Comfortable
  • Control over workspace
  • Flexible schedule
  • More time with family
  • Less distraction from outside influences
  • Savings in rent and certain expenses (auto, fuel, and insurance)
  • Distractions from home like chores, TV, and family
  • Lack of accountability
  • Snacking
  • Separation of personal and private life
  • Increased anonymity
  • Lack of interaction (with other professionals)
  • Motivation and self regulation
  • Unstructured, and often undressed

Each individual will want to address these to maintain a high level of productivity. You have to create your own rules to structure your work life and get stuff done. We have found that working from a Home Studio makes avoiding the Cons and enjoying the Pros much easier. For example, separation from your home spaces removes many of the distractions working from home can create. Additionally, when you are in the studio, you are at work and your friends and family tend to recognize and respect this delineation. A dedicated work space is also more efficient and allows you to be more effective. Often working from a Home Studio allows you to enter the state of mind where you are most inspired and focused. Being outside the home allows you to become the professional you are, and makes being at home more enjoyable when you aren’t working.

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